Locally owned and operated!



Fresh meat

Our case has a variety of fresh beef, pork, and chicken to choose from. Our staff can help you pick the perfect cut.

Fresh ground beef

We hand cut full muscle chuck arm roast for our ground chuck daily.

Fresh seafood

Our fish is always wild caught, never farm raised.  

Cheese and deli meats

We can cut and slice to whatever your preferences are. We carry a variety of cheese and meats.

Cold case


Wide variety of smoked meats

Smoked brats, beef sticks,  ropes, skinless brats, poultry items, hams, summer sausages, and jerkies.


Chunk cheese, string cheese, and cheese spreads.

Trail mix

Not your usual trail mix. Ours is a blend of smoked meats, cheeses, and spices. Its cut up into bite sized pieces with a variety of seasonings that changes often. It fits in a car cup holder, an amazing addition to a Bloody Mary, and the perfect game day snack.

Smoked Fish

Wild caught, smoked, Alaskan salmon. We also offer other fish with an ever changing selection.


Home made bacon. Its packaged or you can grab some from the service counter. We also carry a variety of other types of bacon, prepackaged for your convenience. 


We carry Dakota Slims horseradish. We also have sauerkraut, pickled herring, salmon spread, crab salad, and other products. 




A variety of ground beef, pork, turkey, chicken, buffalo, veal, and lamb. Also beef, beef with bacon, and buffalo patties. 


Fresh brats in a variety of flavors. 


Lamb, buffalo, and veal products. 


Variety of shrimp, fish, lobster tails, and crab. 


A variety of frozen goods including: beef liver, side pork, chicken strips, cordon bleu, twice baked potatoes, pig wings, hash browns, pot pies, and house made meatloaf. 

For your dog

We have house smoked pig ears and fresh beef bones. 

Everything else


Our products

Our brand BBQ sauce and rib rub. 

Varieties of products

Jams, jellies, sauces, honey, breading, pickled products, horseradish, mustards, and dots pretzels. 

Zoob's Nuts

We carry both Zoob's famous smoked pistachios and his honey chipotle peanuts.